Leucorrhinia caudalis is expanding in the Netherlands

Something very interesting has been going on with Leucorrhina caudalis in The Netherlands. 20 Years ago this species was considered extinct in The Netherlands, with the last known populations disappearing around 1970. More or less the nearest known populations were in the North of France and Dutch people who wanted to see the species went there.

In 2006 a male was found near Maastricht in the province of Limburg. We thought this was incredible. It was seen by many observers. During an organized excursion it was also seen mating with a female, but in subsequent years it was not seen again. Until 2008 or 2009, when a male was photographed in Nature Reserver The Weerribben (Overijssel) by a group of Belgian dragonfly enthousiasts. Then in 2010 a emerging individual was found (again by a Belgian) during an excursion. And in 2011 it was found at several locations in The Weerribben. Since then, numbers have been growing enormously in The Weerribben. The same happened in The Wieden and nearby areas in Friesland.

In recent years the species seems to be spreading from these areas with single individuals popping up at a number of places and a population found a bit further away in Overijssel. This year, 2018, the species has suddenly appeared at many places, with individuals at over 20 new locations and in 9 of the 11 Dutch provinces. Some individuals appear to be single wanderers, but in some places up to 12 males have been seen. Some may refer to small new populations or are in areas that hold clear potential for populations. Exciting times and we are very curious what these developments lead to (Johan van ‘t Bosch).

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